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Hot off the presses, with extremely limited quantities available, are these fully assembled and ready to use digital temperature controllers.  These can be used to control temperature of salt bath annealing pots, bullet casting pots, or almost any other 110VAC electrical heating appliance.  Simply plug the control box into your wall outlet, then plug your pot and a thermocouple into the control box.

The device offers 3 control modes: PID, constant power regulation, and on/off.  In PID and on/off modes, simply enter a target temperature and the controller will hold your pot within a few degrees.  Constant power regulation lets you limit the output of a heater to a constant level regardless of temperature, and is convenient for controlling the vigour of a boil, for example when brewing beer.

These are pre-production models, with unpainted housings.  They have been disassembled for testing and examination, and may have been used briefly with an annealing or casting pot to test function, and get some pictures.


Fully assembled and ready to use

Dual display lets you view current temperature (PV) and target temperature (SV) simultaneously

Units are selectable to display temperature in °Celcius or °Fahrenheit

Auto-Tune function helps you set PID parameters specific to your system

Control any heater with standard 110VAC plug, up to 12A

Receives input from any K-type thermocouple with mini-connector

Discounted price on these pre-production examples!

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