Public test, per sample lot$50
Private Test, per sample lot$120
Current Rates

To arrange testing, please send an email to

There are two test arrangements available: public, and private. With a public test you will receive an emailed copy of your report, and Ballistic Recreations retains the right to publish your report and discuss the results in our case study library, and elsewhere. No information identifying who commissioned the analysis will be publically released.

With a private test, you will receive an emailed copy of your report, and you retain all rights to its contents. Ballistic Recreations will not release any results or identify our client base for private reports without contacting you for consent.

What constitutes a sample lot?

A sample lot is one or more cartridge cases that are all considered identical, submitted for testing to determine their shared properties. A single failed case submitted to determine cause of failure would be considered a sample lot, while three cases of the same headstamp annealed on an automated torch annealer using 750°F Templaq as a control would also be considered a single lot. Three more cases of a different brand or annealed at another temperature would then be a second sample lot.

If multiple cases are submitted in a lot I will use my judgement to determine how best to test them, for example mounting one specimen on a transverse section and the second on a longitudinal section to give different information.

Three cases from a batch that failed on the 10th firing during a case life study. All cases are same brand, same lot, tested under identical conditions.