Salt Bath Annealing Kit with Standard Case Holder.

This is everything you need to adapt your Lee Precision Melter into a fast, accurate annealing system. A case holder; 325g of heat treating salt specially selected for use with brass; a thermocouple that hangs in the salt bath from the case holder, hassle-free; and a digital thermometer for easy, accurate monitoring of temperature. You can be annealing your cases the fast, precise, accurate way within minutes.

Although the salt can be reused indefinitely, you will lose some to drag out. The salt jar supplied with the kit is sufficient to fill the Lee Precision Melter pot for first use and keep it topped up through the annealing of several hundred cases. If you expect to anneal frequently, getting an extra jar of salt is a popular option.  A no-salt kit is also available for those wanting to buy the tools, but living in areas that I cannot ship salt to.

Salt Bath Annealing Kits are available with your choice of standard or large Case Holder.

Kits containing salt cannot be shipped overseas.