Due to a recent clarification of rules from the postal service I cannot currently ship any order containing salt to countries outside of Canada and the USA.

The salt is an IATA-listed dangerous good, and cannot be shipped by air.  Individual retail orders may be carried by surface transportation but at this time I am not aware of any commercial carrier offering international ocean transport of parcels that will accept the salt (limited quantity dangerous goods).  Any suggestions for a carrier are welcome, even if they serve only one nation.

Customers may wish to avoid the salt issue by buying the component salts and creating their own blend.  There are then many more options for sending the remaining annealing tools.  Please contact me for more information on blending your own salts.

Customers in the United Kingdom have reported that a company named APC Pure offers the component salts at reasonable prices.  Their website indicates they can ship throughout the Euro zone.

I would appreciate hearing of any sources for the salts in other countries, particularly Australia and New Zealand.